Therapy with Carol

Carol is currently not accepting new clients.

Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Curious?

In my psychotherapy practice you will find a safe place to ask questions, learn about yourself, and breathe deeply.

My style is steady and accepting, bringing creativity and a gentle sense of humor. Together we work to find your strengths, learn to cope and identify ways your past might be impacting you today.

I hope to guide you to find balance, compassion for yourself and others and a life you find fulfilling. Personal growth is a creative process and I hold the space to allow it to unfold.

West Philadelphia

  About Carol:

I am a counselor and art therapist with EMDR certification. After a number of years working as a nurse, I followed my internal pull to study art psychotherapy.

As a psychotherapist I have found my home!  I have a master’s degree from Drexel University.  I live, work and play in Philadelphia, the city that I love!

While psychotherapy is my passion, my nursing background impacts my work. I bring an awareness of the mind/body connection and the need for both physical and emotional self-care to promote healing.

What exactly is psychotherapy and why might I try it?  Isaac Holland has a lovely video that describes psychotherapy. Watch the video here:

 Client Comments:   May 2019   “Thank you and I am grateful to you for being a stepping stone in this milestone of life.”  Age 23

June 2022  “When I come to see you I often feel  like a plant that is flooded and can’t breathe. After our sessions I feel like the water has penetrated the soil and reached the roots. I can breathe again and I feel revived.”  Age 74

July 2020  “I realize now that my art is not unimportant, it is a lifeline. My creativity is healing. I need to make space to be creative in order to be healthy.”  Age 31

December 2021  “I have learned to pay attention to what is happening in my body. Now I know when I am starting to get angry. I take a step back before I respond  and wait until I can think more clearly.”  Age 43

April 2022  “I realize now that I don’t have to be a martyr and sacrifice my needs for the needs of others. I am learning to know who I am and be true to that person. For the first time I feel able to speak my truth.”  Age 38