Art Therapy Group

Give yourself the gift of time and space to reflect and create!

Join this six week Quiet, Creative Reflection Group!

Bring your intention. Something you want to work on such as: 

  • Addressing stress
  • Improving self-care
  • Reflecting on a career change
  • Processing a loss
  • Working through a complex relationship
  • Improving your mood

This six week group will be a space for quiet, creative refection as well as a place to find support for the unique journey you are on. This is a place to reflect on:

  • What is working or not working for you?
  • What do you need to gather, or let go of so you can move forward?
  • What are your strengths, gifts, values that will help you on your way?
  • What might a healthy and balanced life look like for you?

Why art? When we create, we use a different part of our brain than when we talk. Creating allows for expression of ideas, identifying feelings, space for thoughtful reflection, and gaining new insights. We see things differently when we create.

Why a group? Group therapy is cost effective as it is usually a fraction of the cost of individual therapy. In group therapy we learn from each other, help each other, and discover that we are not alone.

The group is 75 minutes long with a minimum of four participants and a maximum of seven participants. It will meet on Tuesdays from 5 to 6:15 pm on Zoom and will begin when enough participants sign up.

Cost is $240 for 6 weeks ($40 per session) plus $20 one time fee for supplies that will be mailed to you. Total of $260

Curious? Fill out the contact form and I will let you know when there are enough participants to start a group